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      Neman Group

      Neman Group is an innovative boutique advisory firm focused on clients with an international presence – foreign companies in Russia and Russian companies abroad. This company positions itself as “Advisors who convert strategic decisions into practical”. Since 2013, its team has completed over 100 projects in 21 countries worldwide and generated over €160 million in positive, measurable impact for their clients.

      The main requirement

      The website’s goal was to “convey to the potential client that Neman Group’s team can advance their business to the next level with the help of the services offered by the company”. It was also necessary to inform them that Neman Group provides end-to-end support from strategy to execution at all stages of the transaction lifecycle.


      The audience

      We focused on clients involved in the following industries: – Energy, Chemicals, Oil & Gas; – Water, Waste & Environmental Services; – Financial Institutions, – Industrial manufacturing. We also considered shareholders, BoD members, CEOs and CFOs of these companies and holdings.


      Distinctive features

      On the website, we presented such company services as M&A and Corporate Finance, Transformation and Turnaround, and Global Regulatory Compliance. The company assists its clients in different advisory roles in all core stages of the corporate financial value chain. We noted that Neman Group is conducting an evidence-based, technology-backed quantified assessment to deconstruct value drivers, spot synergies, prepare complex transformations and mitigate associated risks.


      Building trust

      The website developed by our team pleases not only with its motion design but also with its comprehensive functionality. In each “Products & Services” subcategory, the client can select the product(s) they are interested in, and the algorithm will immediately calculate the estimated cost and duration. The client can then find a sample timeline and governance structure for the project with the same list of products he selected above.



      Advancing business to the next level

      The website reflects that Neman Group supports its clients with specific narrow competencies and expertise to deliver sophisticated services and tailored solutions. The projects require an exceptional level of trust, so the company exercises a careful approach to attracting new clients, and this website only further helps them with this.

      Customer's comment

      Andrew B
      Robert S.
      “That's the stuff!”

      Meticulous work with attention to detail.

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