Talking about B2B services, including web development, digital marketing, business process automation, and other things we do, one should keep in mind several things:

  1. Anything you pay for B2B services is your business investment. The budgeting should thus be based not only on the costs claimed by the service provider but also on your expected gains.
  2. Your expected gains do not fully depend on the service provider. Even a perfect website will not make you great sales if you have selected the wrong niche. That is why no professional service provider can agree to work for a share of your future profit only.
  3. Your future profit (from relevant activities) is our KPI as well as yours: the greater outcomes you get, the greater new clients we can attract. And since your future profit depends on end users’ experience, we give more weight to their needs and expectations than to your requirements. As digital investment consultants, we have to neglect the principle “the client is always right”.
investments in digital

From practice, we know that for every business case, there is a minimum limit of viable investment. Any budget below this limit is inefficient and will be lost. E.g., if you decide to create an Amazon competitor investing as little as $10k, you are bound to get zero sales and lose the investment. The reason is that $10k is not enough to ensure competitive fulfillment, delivery, sales, warehousing, marketing, etc. even for one product.

When planning a new project, we estimate our expenses and also forecast your potential gains, based on your own preliminary research and our observations. For example, our basic audit may show that you are losing 70% of traffic because of a specific bug on your website (such stories are not rare). This means that your potential gains if we fix this bug can be a 200% growth of your revenue.

minimum budget digital

As a result of our estimations, we propose 1 to 3 project variants. They differ in budgets, expected gains, and success probability.

The low-budget option is based on template solutions and labor-saving strategies. It can be a website made using a customized theme, a standard paid search campaign, a basic CRM setup, and minimum preliminary research (i.e. we mostly use your conclusions). A template solution provides less control over appearance, functionality, and business logic, but you still get an impactful, data-driven, SEO-friendly, properly migrated business website. We will not propose this option if we are certain that it will not generate profits (e.g. if all competitors use more advanced solutions).

The medium-budget option is an optimum solution. i.e. something we would eagerly make for ourselves. If it is a website, it will be fully custom. If it is a promotion campaign, it will feature a smart creative idea, multiple small test campaigns, and quality design. If it is a CRM system, it will be enhanced with proper custom reports and workflows, etc. Full-scale research is also included in any optimum-level project.

The ultimate option is rarely efficient from a purely economical standpoint because it includes compromise with potentially redundant aesthetic requirements, emotional preferences of the client, and politically driven elements. As an example of politically driven elements, the client may require a complex automated due diligence process for the job application module. From the point of view of economic efficiency, this may be completely redundant because hardly ever job seekers apply using the website, but if the client requires such element, we can create it, given we both agree that this element will generate a loss. The one who pays has the final say.

digital project budget options


Now, let’s talk figures.



First and foremost, some of our services are standardised and packed in monthly tariffs. You can find these figures on the service pages (clickable): SMM, SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing.

The optimal level of regular marketing expenses depends on the industry and the specifics of your business model, but on average companies invest around 10% of their revenues in marketing.

We work based on month-to-month contracts and can consider discounts for longer contract terms (six months and above). Digital marketing does not generate long-lasting outcomes overnight, especially when it comes to SMM or SEO, so long-term contracts make sense.



Web development always has custom budgeting. We take projects starting from $5000. Depending on complexity, the project budget can be anywhere above it. Projects around $8000 are normally made using a customised theme, i.e. considered a low-budget solution. Optimum solution, in turn, can have any budget. A typical corporate website costs around $12000, eCommerce website can cost $15000, $20000 or more.

When building a website, we think primarily about its conversion potential and revenue generation mechanics. We design and technically configure the website to ensure maximum conversion rates and high ranking for the relevant queries. We take care of highly usable design, quality layout, clean meta-tags, SEO friendly content, and good site speed to ensure maximum leads and sales for your business, as well as its long-term sustainability.


CRM and task-tracking

Business applications, including CRM systems, task trackers, learning management systems, project management platforms come “ready to use”, but few clients settle for the basic functionality with zero customisation.

In any case, an important part of your expenses on CRM & task-tracking is monthly fees paid to the business application vendor.

We, in turn, take charge of getting the system up and running.

The minimum budget for CRM setup, filling, and basic training is $1200. Low-budget solutions range from this limit and $6000, and include system configuration, filling, and connection to third-party applications using webhooks and APIs, with no custom development.

More expensive projects may include custom interfaces for CRM and task-tracking systems as well as custom backend functions (which require core code customisation).



We always offer options and consult you on the best way to invest your marketing budget. You have a choice between cheaper and greater solutions, but all of them are economically reasonable. We have some lower limits for project budgets, but generally we always have something to offer for the budget you have at hand.


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