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      Selling online with Shopify is a completely different business. Completely different requirements for information supporting the operation of business processes. And the business processes themselves are arranged differently.

      With Shopify’s help, you can manage:

      • Sales and customer relationships;
        Fulfilment and delivery;
        Semi-automatic updates to ads, product range, prices, etc.

      By ordering the development of an online Shopify store with us, you will receive a well-thought-out, logical structure of the store, and an organised set of all the necessary sections, categories and pages through which your end user will be able to easily navigate.

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      Shopify helps you deliver your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the most appealing way, triggering the users’ interest and increasing conversions; 

      The platform integrates with nearly all payment systems, delivery services, accounting software, etc.

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      The intuitive structure and navigation impacts user experience and indexing of Shopify pages;

      Adaptability of Shopify for mobile gadgets and other devices and the correct display of information in various resolutions increases the rating and usability of the finished resource;

      Comprehensive internal and external optimisation tools in Shopify allow you to get better exposure of your website on the search result pages.

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      Learn more about our solutions where we use Shopify: Web development and eCommerce development.

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      Why hire us ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ for Shopify development?

      We are a team passionate about the Shopify platform

      project management
      We try to cover all aspects and opportunities that Shopify has to provide. This is the only way we can be sure that we can help our clients find the exact solution that will meet their needs.

      Shopify doesn't pay us to advertise their product

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      We've seen how e-commerce has evolved and changed over the years. We have enough experience to compare different e - commerce solutions. Shopify is one of the best technologies we've worked with and we offer only the best to our Clients!

      You will be able to determine how your retail will work

      In the coming years, the very mechanism of making purchases will change radically. Buyers will expect sellers to have a variety of what, where and how they can buy - in-store or online, delivered or picked-up. This is an incredibly exciting period in the development of our industry and we are going to be right in the middle of it.

      Additional services are possible

      global strategic approach
      Design development,
      Installation and integration,
      Setting up additional applications for the Shopify platform (for example: SEO, uploading photos or files to the product when ordering, functions to increase sales and improve conversions, reviews, pop-ups, referral programs, various widgets from social networks and telephony services, chats, response blocks and others, galleries and sliders, push notifications, A / B testing, for email and SMS subscribers, cross-selling, rewards, sticks to goods, one-click login via social networks, pre-orders of goods, partial and periodic payment plans (packages), etc.)

      Shopify development
      in detail

      Theme purchase

      web development mobile development concepts

      The Shopify platform offers a large number of both free and paid themes. A free theme may be more than enough. However, for a full-fledged store launch, we recommend installing one of the paid themes or using our web design service. This will give you a wider range of functionality, as well as the individuality of your online store.

      The choice of a theme must be approached very responsibly, because the usability of the site, the speed of loading and the final conversion will depend on it.

      Product upload & collections

      integration synchronization migration

      After choosing a theme and registering an account, we can proceed to the import of all products from the sheet that was compiled earlier. It is important to correctly enter all the data about the goods, and then designate the goods to the required collections.
      Photos are one of the most important elements affecting product page conversions. It is important that the photos convey the whole essence of the product, be of high quality, and load quickly both on desktops and on mobile devices.

      Product descriptions

      quality content

      Product description is a very important process that affects the conversion of an online store, so you need to pay special attention to its creation. The description plays both an informative role (gives a person a complete picture of the product, delivery times and the possibility of return) as well as a marketing role (promotes the page in search engines via keywords).

      Online store structure

      support and maintenance icon

      A very important stage is the development of the structure of the online store, which includes a sequence of blocks on individual pages, as well as a sitemap. The structure of the main pages is changing, and it is important to think it over as competently as possible. The structure of the rest of the pages is approximately the same.

      To draw up the structure, we analyse all sites from the table of competitors / references and, if necessary, look for additional websites.

      Web store prototyping

      design and configuration

      After all the preparation, we can start assembling the store in the constructor. At the stage of prototyping, the constructor implements the store structure developed earlier, that is, setting up the relationship between all pages and sections of the site, as well as assembling the main page based on the compiled sequence of semantic blocks. This process consists of several stages: prototyping, design development, content filling, optimisation.
      As a result, a draft version of the site is obtained, which is filled with text and finalised at further stages.

      Page creation

      channel strategy

      Informational pages that must be placed on the site so that users of your online store can easily find the information they are interested in regarding delivery times, conditions for returning goods, as well as familiarise themselves with the history of your company development. Information pages are also necessary for the successful connection of the payment system.

      The store should have the following pages:

      About us - company page
      Contact us - page with a contact form.
      FAQ - a page with frequently asked questions and answers to them.
      Track your order - a page with a link to a service for tracking parcels
      Shipping & Delivery - information on terms and conditions of delivery
      Returns & Refunds - information on return conditions
      Terms of service - user agreement
      Privacy policy

      Сolour & font selection

      adaptive holistic approach

      We design your store so that it inspires confidence and is visually pleasing to a potential buyer. We correctly select colours and fonts. First of all, we start with the theme of the store and the target audience.

      To choose the right colour scheme, you need to analyse the selected design references, as well as use the colour matching services.

      Full theme customisation

      themes styles

      When the store is filled with content, it is very important to set it up properly. We set up all theme parameters on different pages, turn off unnecessary functionality, set up adaptation for mobile devices so that the website is visually completely ready.

      When this work is finished, we test the website from different devices and make the necessary edits.

      Store settings

      audit technical optimization

      Editing the Settings parameters implies making changes to the store's internal settings: delivery methods, automatic notifications, checkout, payment providers, and more.

      For example, in the Shipping section, you need to configure how the delivery will be carried out, as well as all options, both paid and free.



      Shopify is a software that allows you to design, and run an online store and keep it running successfully for a monthly fee.
      You don’t have to worry about hosting or anything else with Shopify. The platform provides you with everything you need to create and manage your store.
      Shopify was founded in Canada in 2006 by Scott Lake, Daniel Weiland and Tobias Luetke. Since the launch of the company, the platform has evolved rapidly from a small project to one of today’s leading e-commerce solutions.

      Try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card required.
      Basic Shopify costs $29 per month and is the cheapest option available. It includes everything you need to launch a new online store, includes:

      • 2 employee accounts,
      • round the clock support,
      • unlimited number of products,
      • online store with blogs and sales channels.

      You’ll also get a free SSL certificate, discount codes, manual order creation, and abandoned cart recovery.
      Standard Shopify is a slightly more expensive option. It’s available for $79 a month. It comes with everything you get in Basic Shopify, plus:

      • gift cards,
      • professional reports,
      • 5 staff accounts.

      Advanced Shopify costs $299 per month. This is the most expensive option on the market. This Shopify Plan extra includes:

      • 15 employee accounts,
      • access to an advanced report builder and third-party shipping rates.

      Shopify Plus – From $2,000 per month. This is the Shopify Enterprise Plan.
      Shopify Plus comes with advanced enterprise features.

      Yes, naturally you utilize tens of promotion and sales channels, and they all work better when combined together.

      Shopify is a good tool to orchestrate these various channels and actually land the users at the point where the major conversion (i.e. the sale) occurs.

      Connect your channels together, build sales tunnels across them, measure performance of each tunnel and each channel, decide which to invest more in, and which to keep as a free source of accidental leads. Shopify works well with lots of brilliant third-party solutions, which makes it a perfect hub for them.

      1. Fast installation, easy to use,
      2. No worries about the technical component,
      3. Safety and reliability,
      4. Customer support 24/7,
      5. Responsive design,
      6. There are over 70 different themes (free and paid),
      7. Treasury of functionality in Shopify Apps,
      8. Tools for SEO and marketing,
      9. Abandoned cart recovery,
      10. Own payment system.


      smiling woman
      Kate Castonguay

      “Milton Capital”

      I know I’m a difficult client, but somehow you guys found a way to my heart. I love it when I can forget about all tech stuff for a known monthly fee.

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      Lance Kramer

      “Grinder Motors”

      The website was launched according to the schedule, our customers can now easily get their future vehicle configured online, immediately get the price and the date they can sit and drive.

      smiling old man in suit
      Mark Straat

      “Construction League”

      We used to waste 40% of our office time on useless paperwork and failing workflows or simply chaos no workflows at all. I saved us more than money or time, it’s about our market share! Thank you!

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