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      Whether you want to kickstart the sales of a new product or outperform competitors in a hot market, pay-per-click is a go-to strategy for catching the audience’s eye and getting conversions. It helps you quickly boost visibility, footfalls and sales. A few tactical decisions can make it or break it:

      • Turn to the relevant audience when they are considering a purchase;
      • Setting forth the essential product features to entice potential customers;
      • Leading the audience to the correct landing pages for maximum conversion rates.

      We specialise in delivering exceptional PPC services that drive results. Our team of experts will craft compelling PPC ads and meticulously monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure they perform at their best.

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      To ensure high-performance paid search campaigns, our agency conducts a comprehensive analysis of your search competitors and delves into thorough keyword research, separate from that for SEO. With our expertise and advanced PPC analysis tools, we uncover valuable insights to develop winning strategies.

      With careful optimisation and strategic management, we provide a powerful PPC tool that acts as a customer faucet. You have complete control over your ad spend and allocate your budget to drive traffic to your website and generate quality leads. Like turning the tap handle, you adjust the lead pressure according to your capacity, ensuring a steady flow of potential customers.

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      To ensure high business outcomes from Search engine marketing, we recommend requesting paid search and SEO services from one team. To get even more, check out our complex solution Digital Marketing that involves PPC, SEO, and all other online promotion tools and techniques.

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      Reasons to hire us for PPC services


      digital training
      We rely on a team of professionals with vast and global experience. Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge of Google Ads, staying constantly updated with platform updates and market trends. This expertise is crucial for launching effective PPC campaigns that drive conversions and increase your brand's visibility.


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      Our PPC services include precise targeting methods to ensure your ads are seen by users who are genuinely interested in your product and ready to make a purchase. By leveraging location, interests, queries, behaviour, and more, we filter out irrelevant traffic and focus on maximising your campaign's impact.


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      We conduct preliminary research and generate unique ad ideas that resonate with your target audience. From captivating visuals to compelling ad copy with powerful calls to action, we craft impressive campaign content that drives engagement and conversions.

      Cost control

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      Our PPC services help you set a daily spending limit per platform and/or campaign, ensuring you control your marketing costs. This allows you to allocate your budget strategically and optimise your return on investment.

      Ad optimisation

      support and maintenance
      To maximise the performance of your campaigns, we employ A/B testing procedures. Every detail of every campaign undergoes thorough testing, resulting in multiple variations at the beginning. Through continuous optimisation, we identify the most effective elements and strategies to improve your campaign's conversion rates and overall return on marketing investment (ROMI).

      Transparent service

      transparent work process
      You always have direct access to the platforms where we set up your campaigns. Additionally, we provide in-depth monthly reports summarising the work done, campaign performance statistics, and valuable insights. This ensures you are fully informed about the progress and results of your PPC campaigns.


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      We adapt to your needs if you need to ramp up resources for an intensive project phase or scale back to a moderate effort level. Our dynamic approach allows for swift adjustments, ensuring your costs align with your requirements.

      A single point of contact

      contact center
      We prioritise seamless communication and streamlined processes. We provide a dedicated project manager as your single contact point. Your project manager not only handles PPC services but also coordinates all other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

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      Google Ads

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      Our expertise in Google Ads ensures your website receives high-quality traffic from users actively searching for keywords related to your products or services. We drive conversions and increase your visibility in Google search results by targeting these relevant search queries.

      Display ads

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      Nice pictures with attractive messages, elegant animation, and well-thought-out calls to action work fine, but if they appear on the right websites, at the right moment, before the right user. How to put them there is our job, and how to make them. We strategically place your display ads on high-traffic websites, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement from your target audience.

      PPC Audits

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      Through regular audits and performance evaluations, we identify areas for improvement and refine your targeting and messaging to enhance overall campaign effectiveness. Our data-driven approach optimises your ad spend, yielding the best return on investment.

      Facebook Ads

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      Our PPC agency understands the power of Facebook and Instagram ads in reaching and engaging your target audience. With a strategic approach, we create highly targeted campaigns that align with your goals and drive conversions. By leveraging detailed audience targeting and combining paid promotion with organic engagement, we build a conversion funnel that maximises your reach and drives major conversions.

      LinkedIn Ads


      While your competitors may already be leveraging LinkedIn for promotion, our expertise in LinkedIn ads allows us to effectively reach decision-makers and their reference groups. By tailoring our campaigns to specific industries and professional profiles, we generate major conversions for your business.

      App campaigns

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      We specialise in creating highly effective app campaigns that captivate users and convert them into loyal customers. By leveraging innovative strategies and creative ad formats, we ensure your app ads seamlessly integrate into the user experience, enticing users to take action.

      E-Commerce Ads

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      Our agency excels in managing e-commerce ads, enabling you to gain a competitive edge. We ensure your ads resonate with your target audience through strategic ad placements, compelling messaging, and precise targeting, leading to increased sales and revenue. Don't let your competitors outshine you - let us optimise your e-commerce ads for maximum conversions.

      Video Ads


      With billions of users worldwide, YouTube has become a hub for online engagement. To make them also addicted to You, we create and publish targeted video ads to reach the users you need on your website. Embrace the undeniable appeal of video ads and unlock new opportunities for sales growth.

      Ad Remarketing

      support and maintenance

      Lost potential customers shouldn't remain forgotten. With our ad remarketing strategies, we bring them back into the conversion funnel. By reminding users of your brand in a personalised and compelling way, we reignite their interest and drive them back to your website.



      Taking care of:
      • Analytics setup
      • PPC audit
      • Competitor analysis
      • Keyword research
      • Meta tags
      • Campaign launch
      • Minus words


      Adding more effort to:
      • More creative campaigns
      • Greater semantic core
      • User insights
      • Remarketing


      from $4200
      Accelerating to ensure:
      • Semantic core clasterisation
      • Proper landing pages
      • Brilliant descriptions
      • Abandoned Cart Retargeting

      These are the standard packages. Custom plans are offered based on an initial free PPC audit. Independently of the package, we always take care to synchronise PPC with other marketing practices. Monthly reports include the work done, KPIs, conversion analysis, interpretation, and ideas.



      PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click”, an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. It is a form of paid search advertising where advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their products or services to display their ads on search engine results pages (such as Google) or other platforms. PPC allows businesses to drive targeted website traffic, increase visibility, and generate conversions by appearing prominently in search results.

      PPC works by advertisers bidding on specific keywords or phrases related to their products or services. The search engine displays relevant ads when a user searches using those keywords. 


      Advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked, hence the name “pay-per-click.” The ad’s position on the search results page is determined by a combination of the bid amount and the ad’s quality score. Advertisers set a budget and customise their campaigns by targeting specific demographics, locations, and devices. By effectively managing PPC campaigns, businesses can drive targeted traffic to their websites and potentially generate conversions.

      The cost of PPC advertising can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting, the platform you are using, the quality and relevance of your ads, and your overall budget.


      In PPC, advertisers typically set a maximum bid for each click and only pay when someone clicks on their ad. The actual cost per click can range from a few cents to several dollars, depending on the industry and keyword competitiveness.


      Platforms like Google Ads allow advertisers to set daily or monthly budgets to control their ad spend. It’s essential to carefully plan and manage your PPC campaigns to maximise the return on investment and achieve your desired goals within your budget.

      To calculate PPC (Pay-Per-Click), you need to consider two key metrics: the total cost of your PPC campaign and the number of clicks generated by your ads.


      The formula to calculate PPC is:

      PPC = Total Cost / Number of Clicks

      For example, if your total campaign cost is $500 and you generated 100 clicks, the calculation would be:

      PPC = $500 / 100 = $5 per click

      This means that, on average, you pay $5 for each click your ads receive.


      Calculating PPC helps you understand the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising spend, allowing you to evaluate the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimise your marketing efforts.

      PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are two distinct online marketing strategies that aim to drive traffic and increase visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). Still, they differ in their approaches and outcomes.


      Key Differences:

      1. Cost: PPC involves direct payment for each click, while SEO is an organic strategy that doesn’t require direct payment for clicks.
      2. Placement: PPC ads appear in the sponsored section of search results, while SEO efforts aim to improve the website’s ranking in the organic search results.
      3. Timeframe: PPC provides immediate visibility once the campaign is launched, while SEO requires time and ongoing optimisation to improve rankings and visibility.
      4. Control: With PPC, advertisers have more control over ad placement, targeting, and budget. SEO relies on search engine algorithms and various optimisation techniques.
      5. Longevity: PPC traffic stops once the ad spend is exhausted, while SEO efforts generate sustained organic traffic over time.

      In summary, PPC offers immediate visibility and control but requires ongoing investment, while SEO focuses on organic rankings, sustainability, and long-term results. Both strategies complement each other in a comprehensive digital marketing approach.

      There are several compelling reasons why you should consider advertising with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads:

      • Immediate Visibility: PPC ads provide instant visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) and other online platforms. As soon as your campaign is set up, your ads start appearing and driving traffic to your website or landing page.
      • Targeted Advertising: PPC offers precise targeting options to reach your desired audience. You can define your target demographics, geographic locations, languages, and even specific keywords. This level of targeting ensures your ads are displayed to users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services, increasing the chances of conversion.
      • Cost Control: With PPC, you have control over your budget. You set a daily or monthly ad spend limit and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This cost-control aspect allows you to allocate your advertising budget effectively and maximise your return on investment (ROI).
      • Measurable Results: PPC provides detailed analytics and performance metrics, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can measure the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rates (CTR), conversions, and other key performance indicators. This data enables you to analyse the success of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions for optimisation and improvement.
      • Flexibility and Customisation: PPC ads offer flexibility in terms of ad formats, ad copy, and creative variations. You can tailor your ads to align with your brand messaging, promotional offers, and specific campaign goals. This customisation allows you to test different strategies, refine your messaging, and optimise your ads for better performance.
      • Competitor Advantage: PPC allows you to compete directly with your competitors in the online advertising space. By targeting the same keywords or audience, you can increase your brand visibility, gain a competitive edge, and capture potential customers searching for similar products or services.

      In summary, advertising with PPC ads provides immediate visibility, precise targeting, cost control, measurable results, customisation options, and competitive advantage. When implemented strategically, PPC can be a powerful tool to drive traffic, increase conversions, and achieve your marketing goals.


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      Kate Castonguay

      “Milton Capital”

      I know I’m a difficult client, but somehow you guys found a way to my heart. I love it when I can forget about all tech stuff for a known monthly fee.

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      Lance Kramer

      “Grinder Motors”

      The website was launched according to the schedule, our customers can now easily get their future vehicle configured online, immediately get the price and the date they can sit and drive.

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      Mark Straat

      “Construction League”

      We used to waste 40% of our office time on useless paperwork and failing workflows or simply chaos no workflows at all. I saved us more than money or time, it’s about our market share! Thank you!

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