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      Fleur Du Desert was created to bring unmatched glamour and beauty to the regional flower scene. Fleur Du Desert translates to ‘Desert Flowers’ and serves as a poetic ode to the Middle East. A unique selection of luxurious blooms originally distinguished this company; premium floriculture experts that guarantee the finest in supreme quality flowers and signature approach to flower arrangements. This is exactly what we wanted to reflect on their website.

      The main requirement

      The website’s goal has been defined as “to enable the customer to understand the diversity of our services and accessories”. The customer wanted to ensure that their diverse collections of bouquets and accessories were not lost on the website but immediately caught the eye.


      The audience

      We focused on the target audience, a broad age group from 20 to 50 within Dubai. Usually, these are clients with an average income level and above. A more detailed targeting pointed us to the two biggest customer bases: men who buy flowers as gifts and agencies that organise events and weddings.


      Custom or standard

      The website includes standard, pre-assembled bouquets and custom-built ones, with the ability to choose the bouquet’s colour and composition. In addition, there are additional services such as “Flower Subscription”, with the ability to choose between monthly or weekly deliveries. We also added a “Flower Room” block on the main page.


      Building trust

      We created a modern, sophisticated website with the ability to select the category of interest. The images show the appearance of each bouquet in the final design. Each bouquet’s description contains its composition and tips for proper care. We also used a feedback form, making it possible to ask any question of interest by entering your name and email.



      Unmatched glamour and beauty in one place

      As a result, we developed a website that illustrates all of Fleur Du Desert’s capabilities – including a diverse collection of bouquets and accessories – which increases customer loyalty and site conversion rates.

      Customer's comment

      Andrew B
      Sara D.

      The website turned out exactly as we imagined it would: eye-catching, glamour and user-friendly. All thanks to your team!

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