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      CRM & Intranet

      • Want to convert more leads into sales?
      • Want to know exactly how well each of your managers performs?
      • Want to save marketing costs using sales intelligence?
      • Want to build long-term relationships with customers?

      With our tailored CRM and intranet solutions, you’ll unlock many capabilities. Imagine being able to pick high-quality customers while motivating your sales team. Picture a world where the chaos of sales and marketing is replaced with a seamless alignment of commercial and production processes.

      You might wonder, what’s the secret sauce? It lies in understanding that CRM isn’t just software; it’s a powerful tool that demands skilful utilisation. Our approach involves comprehensive training to ensure your team uses the CRM effectively and enjoys the process.

      Some might argue that CRM is double work. That is for two reasons:

      • Lack of skills. Employees should be engaged, trained to use the CRM, and get a great experience with it;
      • Wrong configuration. The system should be tailored to your workflows; otherwise, it kills the business or gets killed by it.

      This is what we do: configure, customise, train and engage.

      Sales automation

      Picture having custom sales funnels, automatic sales activities, and contracts and invoices that practically fill themselves. With our CRM and intranet systems, your sales team gains a powerhouse of tools. Additionally, you receive custom performance reports, enabling you to gauge your managers’ effectiveness effortlessly.


      Gone are the days of guesswork. Our systems make your interactions with leads and customers systematic, transparent, and secure.

      Marketing automation

      Imagine all your advertising and marketing channels converging into a central hub. Our CRM and intranet platforms serve as this nexus, allowing seamless integration. Sales intelligence unveils the long-term impact of your marketing endeavours. 


      Remarketing becomes a breeze as you curate audiences for every mailing based on their past interactions. Unearth new markets and conduct ad testing with cost-effective precision.

      Service automation

      Ever wished you could effortlessly remind a customer it’s time to replenish their stock? With our service automation, this has become standard practice. Replenishment and shipping sync seamlessly with your sales system, ensuring a harmonised workflow.


      Your team gains the power to access critical information, such as payment confirmations, on the fly. Interactions with customers become an enjoyable experience.

      Work process

      Experience a CRM and Intranet solution that’s tailored for your business. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and hello to streamlined workflows that foster long-term relationships with your customers.


      Briefing and Workflow Analysis:
      Understanding your unique business needs is our first step. We excel at analysing workflows to ensure every aspect is optimised for efficiency.


      Engagement of the Management Team:
      We believe in collaborative solutions. Your management team's insights are invaluable in tailoring a system that aligns with your long-term goals.


      Initial Setup:
      This crucial phase lays the foundation for seamless operations. Our experts ensure the initial setup is robust and aligned with your business objectives.


      Configuration of Native Functionality:
      From defining sales funnels to setting precise access rights and triggers, we leave no stone unturned in configuring native functionality. This ensures that your CRM and intranet systems perfectly harmonise with your operations.


      Creation of Custom Functionality and Interfaces:
      Off-the-shelf solutions can only take you so far. Our expertise lies in crafting custom functionalities and interfaces that cater specifically to your business needs.


      Synchronisation with Key Systems:
      Our integration prowess extends to synchronising your CRM and intranet with essential platforms such as your website, marketing tools, email systems, telephony services, and other third-party solutions.


      Engagement and Training for Employees:
      An effective system is only as good as its users. We engage your team with comprehensive training sessions, ensuring they're empowered to utilise the CRM and intranet to their full potential.


      Data Filling:
      The heart of any CRM and intranet system lies in its data. We populate the system with essential information, including details of employees, leads, and valued customers.


      Ongoing Maintenance & Training:
      We don't just implement a system and walk away. Our commitment extends to providing continuous support, updates, and further training to keep your operations at peak efficiency.

      Why hire us ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ for CRM and Intranet?

      Done for humans

      made for humans
      In the ever-evolving landscape of digital solutions, our approach is centred around empowering your team rather than replacing them. Our focus is creating an environment where your employees can thrive, leveraging digital tools as an aid, not a burden.

      Measurable outcomes

      bottom line profit ROI
      You can quantitatively measure the impact: compare conversion rates, track customer satisfaction, evaluate pre- and post-marketing expenditures, and monitor stress levels. These metrics, among others, witness observable improvement with integrating an effective CRM and intranet solution.


      mobile first
      Our solutions are crafted for maximum mobility in a world where work often happens on the go. Whether your team meets clients, oversees factory floor operations, or travels for business, our CRM system ensures seamless communication. It's more than an application; it's a mobile work companion.

      Transparent work process

      transparent work process
      Our clients are invited into our intranet platform, offering a transparent view of the entire project team. Engage in discussions, inspect progress, and stay informed about the project's real-time status. It's a partnership built on trust and transparency.

      On time, in budget

      on time in budget
      Our online work environment is designed to deliver crucial information when you need it. No more unnecessary delays or cumbersome processes. We value your time, and realistic planning ensures we meet deadlines and budget constraints.

      Ongoing support & maintenance

      support and maintenance
      Setting up your CRM and intranet is just the beginning. We provide continuous support, ensuring minor and significant updates are seamlessly integrated. Our troubleshooting is prompt and effective, guaranteeing your system runs at peak efficiency.



      CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a powerful system businesses use to manage interactions with customers, clients, and prospects. It encompasses a range of activities, including sales, marketing, and customer service, all designed to improve relationships and drive growth. CRM software enables the storage of customer data, tracks customer interactions, automates certain tasks, and provides insights to enhance decision-making.


      On the other hand, an Intranet is an internal network within an organisation. It is a private space for employees to collaborate, share information, and communicate. It’s like a company’s private internet, often including tools for document sharing, internal messaging, and other resources that facilitate smooth internal operations. 


      Integrating CRM and intranet systems can be transformative for a business. This fusion allows for seamless communication, efficient information sharing, and streamlined workflows, enhancing productivity and customer service. It also provides valuable data insights that can be used to enhance customer relationships and drive strategic business decisions.

      • You save costs. Operational costs are reduced as your workflows seamlessly align, and automation takes the reins. Fewer manual routines mean fewer errors and increased efficiency. 
      • Your customers become your fans. With a comprehensive client history, you can craft tailored marketing messages and deliver profoundly personalised customer experiences. You don’t just satisfy them; you cultivate their loyalty, turning them into promoters of your brand.
      • You sell more. More customers and repeated sales from the same customer – more deals – greater turnover. 
      • You raise performance. Concentrated efforts on customer relationships and transparent operations pinpoint bottlenecks in your customer service, hastening sales and leaving clients more satisfied.
      • You improve your product. CRM and intranet solutions save your resources and provide you with lots of feedback from customers. You have all the reasons to improve your service and products to attract even more sales.

      We group these workflows into 3 types: sales, marketing, and customer service. Other workflows, not connected directly with sales & marketing, also improve as all parts of your team become better informed and upcoming events more predictable.


      Advanced CRM and intranet systems allow you to automate – and improve – almost any business process that can be described and formalised. Business process automation helps you to meet and beat sales quotas while increasing customer loyalty and simplifying administrative routines.

      Consider the following:

      • Lead generation and distribution;
      • Marketing campaign management;
      • Email marketing management;
      • Event management;
      • Decision-making processes at the marketing department;
      • Knowledge management;
      • Information exchange with other departments.

      Intranet systems help you to make these workflows omnichannel, know each of your customers in terms of behaviour, needs, and decision-making, and fine-tune your marketing activities as you go. You can automate your workflows or employ out-of-the-box processes based on global best practices for efficient marketing automation, from demand generation to lead nurturing and conversion. 


      Intelligent CRM software facilitates marketers’ communication with the leads directly from the system via email, phone, or collaboration with other colleagues using the intranet, including a corporate chat and task tracker. Marketers reveal new approaches to market segmentation, split testing, and scheduled bulk mailing. All this can be done with a few clicks of a mouse.

      Consider the following:

      • Customer database management;
      • Document management;
      • Complex data analytics;
      • Sales forecasting;
      • Lead management;
      • Opportunity management;
      • Mobile sales;
      • Social media integration;
      • Field force automation.

      Sales workflows are not just pipelines (funnels). There’s much more to sales management. At each step in the pipeline, there are plenty of specific actions to be taken: a call, an email, document generation, reaction to yes, reaction to no, etc. There are different scenarios, and each customer journey is unique.


      But you can formalise and automate the key points along the journey and equip your salesmen with the needful data exactly when needed, thus minimising errors and continuously boosting results. They get automatically triggered to perform the most effective actions to close more deals faster. 


      Sales workflow automation also increases your resource utilisation. Studies say salesmen spend 30% of their time selling. The rest of their time involves administrative tasks, discussions with colleagues, data processing, document preparation, and other routine activities. All these can be eliminated – well, almost – by giving your salesmen up to 3 times more opportunities to communicate with customers and close deals.

      Consider the following:

      • Contact centre processes;
      • Omnichannel communication;
      • Customer database maintenance;
      • Internal business process management;
      • Case and incident management;
      • Service catalogue management;
      • Service level management;
      • Knowledge management.

      Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential metrics defining any business’s success. This means every business has to deliver excellent customer support at every stage of the customer journey. 


      Flawless customer service ensures a winning customer experience. Advanced CRM and intranet systems allow you to automate your existing workflows or use built-in business processes to manage customer requests, service catalogues, and SLAs. Using these opportunities, you maximise customer satisfaction while minimising expenses on customer service & support.


      smiling woman
      Kate Castonguay

      “Milton Capital”

      I know I’m a difficult client, but somehow you guys found a way to my heart. I love it when I can forget about all tech stuff for a known monthly fee.

      middle aged man in glasses
      Lance Kramer

      “Grinder Motors”

      The website was launched according to the schedule, our customers can now easily get their future vehicle configured online, immediately get the price and the date they can sit and drive.

      smiling old man in suit
      Mark Straat

      “Construction League”

      We used to waste 40% of our office time on useless paperwork and failing workflows or simply chaos no workflows at all. I saved us more than money or time, it’s about our market share! Thank you!

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