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      The company is engaged in the engineering and manufacturing of hybrid power units for unmanned aerial vehicles: eVTOLs, coaxial rotor drones, and more. The products are created based on classical constructive solutions, such as the Wankel engine, but are enhanced with contemporary technologies, the central concept being the hybrid engine. The company has its own R&D team, testing facility, and manufacturing site. Their clients are UAV producers worldwide, each with its own unique requirements. That is why most of the power units shipped by the company are custom, engineered for the given client, although there are a few “standard” models.

      The main requirement

      The job of the website has been defined as “have the clients call and ask questions”… It’s not a sales trick, rather a way to make sure the client actually knows what they need, and has the necessary engineering expertise to properly specify the custom requirements for the unique product.


      The audience

      We focused on two main target groups: business managers of UAV producers, and their technical executives, i.e. engineers. The former know little about construction and tech parameters, but they need to make sure the company is trustworthy and has the required capabilities and visible achievements (at least real products). The latter don’t care about “standard” products and outlooks, but they need technical parameters. Our goal was to engage both of these types and have their engineer get in touch.


      Custom or standard

      Although most of the clients require custom modifications, a general description of “what is possible” is too vague to engage any of the mentioned audiences. That is why we decided to showcase the standard models. At the same time, we made clear at every step that custom modification is available. We also added the “co-creation” block on the main page.


      Building trust

      The website got a solid contemporary design decorated with elements that resemble a physical control console. The logo was redesigned to convey the values of professionalism, good taste, and customisation (the cogwheel hints about individual settings). The images depict not only the outlook of the products but also technical drawings, supposed to catch engineers’ eye. Each model description features a long list of tech parameters optimized for copying and sharing with colleagues over messengers. The website is optimized for mobile devices, featuring intuitive solutions such as swipes to navigate huge parameter lists.

      web catalog case study
      web catalog case study


      Informative engaging and easy experience with an obvious target action.

      The outcome is a web catalog that features a contact form on every single page, and a call-to-action “get in touch” in the header menu. The website illustrates the company’s vast and arguably unique set of capabilities. Both the engineers and the business managers who visit the website can indulge in swiping through galleries and scrolling through tech parameters, which is beneficial for behavioral factors affecting SEO.

      Customer's comment

      Andrew B
      Andrew B.
      “You got it”

      You guys took our fragmented product information, structured it, and translated it all into the common language. Honestly, some parts of your developments were redundant, but we’ll probably use them down the line. In any case, we now have a fancy and persuasive website.

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