It so happens that a PPC ad that was expected to generate incredible results proves useless, and vice versa. It’s hard to know in advance what will be better accepted by the public. Even if the ad message is good, and the design is fancy, it may still get lost, while another low-budget campaign may all of a sudden deliver sweet sales. To find what works for you, use a variety of advertising tools and concepts, and try non-standard approaches.

Let’s take a look at some of the working and effective techniques in real estate advertising.

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Idea 1. No property image

Showing the facade only makes sense if the look of the property is a competitive advantage, for instance, it looks great at sunset or has an outstanding design.

Symbolic imagery can effectively replace expensive 2D rendering. Choose an image that captures the essence of your unique selling proposition. 

Here’s how it works: the user pays attention to a tempting picture and gets involved in decoding the message. A little “play of associations” makes it clear to him what this is about. If the layout is good (all elements are large, contrasting and easy to read), this process takes 3-5 seconds.

Such a solution is more interesting for the audience than a banal demonstration of the property, because:

  • It is intriguing (“now, what is that there?!”);
  • attracts and fixes attention (one has to take a closer look in order to understand);
  • stands out and looks advantageous against the background of standard advertising of competitors and the information field in general.

Idea 2. Characters doing household chores

We often say that the client should be at the centre of everything. Why not put your target audience at the centre of your ad? Show the user someone like him, busy with pleasant household chores in a new, cosy apartment.

Stock photos won’t work here, even if you find a perfect family smiling with all the crisp white 32×4 teeth. You should choose photos of “real” people similar to your consumers in “real” home life scenes with sincere emotions. The best thing is to arrange your own photo shooting.

A sincere personal image sells the idea of ​​”emotions from the purchase”. That doesn’t mean showing vague “happiness”, but feelings experienced in specific events: dining with the family, equipping the apartment, having a housewarming party, etc. 

Think carefully, what special pleasant activities you offer your newly-made apartment owners to get involved in, and reflect this in the advertisement.

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Idea 3. Drawn illustrations instead of photographs

If you buy a photo from a stock, it can still be used by a competitor. There are not that many high-quality stocks and suitable cliparts.

Also, it’s oftentimes hard to find a photo that would be a good fit for your advertising message.

To ensure a unique design reflecting the essence of the proposal, you can create an illustration or a photo collage.

Drawn communication is eye-catching. While realistic images are good, they also get boring when used by everyone out there. The users’ eyes get blurred by the monotony of advertising messages, and as a result, your display ads go unnoticed. 

On the contrary, colourful illustrations with entertaining plots are interesting to look at.

Drawn imagery is easier to perceive as it “wraps” the serious question about buying a home in a colourful message.

Idea 4. Indirect indication of advantage

There is no need to obsessively describe the benefits. Convey them in a casual way. To do so, combine the following:

  • a visual representation of the benefits;
  • an abstract or comic slogan.

The user is entertained by the phrase and consciously occupied by words, while their subconsciousness processes the well-readable convincing image of the  advantage of the product. The person gets a clear idea of ​​what exactly they are being offered, but no impression of being attacked by this offer.

Their natural thought is “Wow, that looks nice, by the way!” After this, it is already difficult to abandon the idea of ​​buying.

Idea 5. Humour and situational marketing

The use of appropriate humour in advertising increases the ease of perception. This is a good opportunity to convey meaningful information in a light way. It also allows you to detach yourself from competitors, who are mostly accustomed to dry statements of facts.

This also applies to situational marketing. With your advertising, you can respond to general trends and current events known by everyone. Such approach provides unexpected benefits:

  • relevance at a given moment;
  • attractive because of general attention to the current events;
  • possible press coverage, especially if the message is provocative.

Idea 6. Pet images

Looks like cats are the only meme on the Internet invulnerable to banner blindness. Why not make them the protagonists of your real estate display ads?

Seeing the furious popularity of cats on the Internet, advertisers began to place cute pets on banners and animated ads.

It is sometimes hard to figure out the idea that the furry image carries, but hey, who cares? In general, a pet symbolises warmth, comfort, harmony, and suggests a pleasant thought of someone waiting for you at home.

Idea 7. Extreme Ideas

Some hard work on creative ideas may lead to really provocative ad ideas. Sometimes the users need to be awakened, shocked, or outraged in order to pay attention.

If your PPC campaigns generate poor outcomes you can conclude that the users “pass by” the usual advertising, no matter how beautiful and high-quality it may be. If this is the case, it’s time to heat things up a little bit. Just be sure to read the legal requirements to avoid unnecessary troubles.

This is only a small part of ideas that exist in real estate advertising. Imagine how many things have not yet been invented!

You can apply one or more of these ideas to your ad without reinventing the wheel. These methods actually work all over the world.

Apply your own creativity and start a new trend that everyone else will follow. Try, experiment, be creative and you will certainly find your effective signature technique.

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